Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Services Being Provided By Courier Companies

Long gone are the days when you were to travel hundreds of miles to reach the courier company’s office. From the basic services to overnight delivery of the parcel, there are dozens of services being provided by the top – notch courier service companies, these days. For a courier company, a parcel delivery order is a trust that people are putting in them and they have to do it with ultimate care, responsibility and obligation. As far as the services of courier companies are concerned, following are some of the basic packages that are offered to you at the time of placing delivery order.
1.       International Courier :
As the name implies, this service is offered to those valuable clients whose parcels are meant to be delivered for different countries. Now, there are two further sub-categories in this niche namely Express service and Standard services. Express courier service will be able to place your order next day no matter if it is the parcel to US from UK or any other country. Otherwise, you can have standard service which may take up to 5-7 working days for the parcel delivery.
2.       Same Day Courier Express:
Did you mistakenly miss an official parcel lately? Well, there is no need to be worried anymore. Thanks to those who have introduced Same Day Courier Service for parcel delivery. Mostly, the domestic delivery of parcels may take up to 2-3 working days. However, with this service – your parcel delivery will be made on the same day within couple of hours. No matter what it takes for the delivery of parcel, Courier Company will utilize all its transportation from vans to bikes to get it delivered for you.
3.       Overnight Courier Service:
You wanted to have an urgent delivery of parcel? Well, ask the sender to avail Overnight Courier Service so that you can get your content over a single night. It doesn’t count the working hours of the courier company. Once you have availed this option – there’s no limit of time. The company will get it delivered to your given address even in early morning or dark hours. These are generally offered to the online clients who place their orders through web portals like courierpoint.com.
4.       Bike Courier Service:
 Who on the earth would like to get stuck with traffic? Now, imagine the same for courier service companies where time is literally equivalent not only money but trust as well. Delivery boys can’t simply afford to get stuck in heavy traffic jams with a bundle of parcels at their back. To counter this problem, courier service companies have launched bike service which ensures the delivery of parcel even during peak traffic hours.
5.       Standard Courier Service:

If there’s no time restriction on your parcel then you should opt for the general courier service. This will take 3-4 days for the delivery of your parcel and certainly is the cheaper of all the above given options.   


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